Strike #1.5

Okay here’s an update from Strike #1.

This past week has been a wedding-errand packed week! I’m really glad we chose to get married in December because November and October are my ‘free and easy’ days at work, even with ‘outstation’ duty, so I don’t feel like I’ve got too many things on my plate, what with running wedding-related errands and work being the way work is. I’m a bit bad at multi-tasking – the mister would say I can’t at all, so yeah, being freed up at work is a big help.

So here’s what we, or I, did this whole week:

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Marah marah sayang

Translation: Angry angry bird love

Hahah. Ok I just have this itch to blog, but I’ve got work waiting so this shall be short and sweet quick.

I thought of just recording this down, for memory’s sake.

The mister and I has officially had 2 arguments over the wedding. I know, like it’s some big news to announce right?

Angry words were exchanged, but in the end both of us came out of the tiffs with the same sentiment: we just can’t wait to have the wedding over and done with. So that we can go for our honeymoon and unleash the virginal but horny sex creatures we are and just go on to live a quiet married life. (Of course, punctuated with adventurous travel every few months or so.)

Argument #1
The trip to JB to get fake flowers for the gubahan hantaran (wedding gift tray decoration)

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Moving-In Day!

Ok I have been guilty of moping around at home, literally shutting myself in from the haze (all windows closed, thank goodness for airconditioning – although my mom might shriek at next month’s electricity bill – oh wells, now’s the time to dip into the bit of extra cash that has been accumulating in the bank – I don’t give my parents $800 a month for nothing, you know, and there’s also the amount contributed by at least 3 other siblings). By right I should have had plenty of time to update, but for some reason inertia set in and I owe my fellow BTBs at least 3 emails (I still can’t find that brochure Sha…. sorry!) Which I will get to soon, promise!

Anyway, on to the title of this blog. It’s moving-in day! For my our bed at my place, that is.

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