Ramadan Reflections #1 – Past and Present

I was doing the dishes after buka (breaking of fast meal; I can’t bring myself to use the word iftar because it just seems pretentious to me) several nights ago and it crossed my mind that if I ever have children, two is a good number, because right at that moment, I was cleaning up for a 4-member family consisting of 2 parents and 2 children. And I was quite happy to do it, as opposed to when I had to clean up after a 7-member family.

And then, my thoughts went to a comparison between how it was then, and how it is now. Yes, if you think that that’s quite a number of thoughts to have while doing the dishes, let me admit here that dishwashing time is the time when I daydream. Or duskdream, to be more time-appropriate.

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A quick one – marriage and divorce in the Quran

Assalamualaikum readers from The Netherlands, United States (I wonder who?), Malaysia, Singapore and the latest, Germany (I wonder who too)! For the non-Muslims, Assalamualaikum means ‘Peace be upon you’. Which is so apt because this holy month of Ramadan is really a time when I feel relatively more peaceful (must be the lack of food in the daytime forcing me to conserve energy for what is the most important things, so staying angry for long is not in that list).

So! I have been meaning to write about the very first booking that I had made for my wedding, BUT, I have been so busy welcoming Ramadan, and also with work, that I haven’t gotten around to doing it. I will do it later today! That’s my vow.

I wanted to post a picture of the work project following the one which is not quite a two-week preview to my wedding, but am too lazy to take out the camera, take out the SD card, look through the photos, choose one that shows the gist of the project but not reveal anyone’s identity… you get my drift.

I guess I’ll just share, that during the first 2 days of Ramadan, which was a Saturday and Sunday, I read recited the Quran with my parents, taking turns to recite one page at a time. Why I use the word ‘recite’, is because while we can recognise the alphabets just fine and make out the sounds, we don’t actually comprehend the meaning (unless we consult a translation) as we are not Arabs and never learnt to read Arabic with comprehension. So normally, in my earlier angsty rebellious late teenage years, I would come to this Ramadan family parental tradition with much reluctance and a heavy heart, because what do you expect when it is such a bore barking at print that you don’t understand at all? This year, however, thanks to a change of heart and soul after attending Quranabic classes, I decided to do something about it – while it was my parents’ turn to recite, I consulted the iQuran app in my iPhone for the translation. And boy, did I discover that Surah Al-Baqarah contained some of the commandments that we now know as the 5 pillars: prayer, fasting, giving zakat. There was also one part touching about marriage and divorce, so I shall go back to it and dig it up.

See ya later alligator!