Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part kelima – bahagian keempat)

Ya kakak-kakak, abang-abang, adik-adik! Inilah sambungan daripada part kelima yang ada lima pecahannya. Jadi kalau dulu sudah kutulis tiga pecahan atau bahagiannya, sekarang masanya untuk bahagian keempat!
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Memories money can – or can’t – buy (the brief encounter)

So I’ve decided to just continue yesterday’s post in a new post. Here it goes:

Note: This post is a continuation from this one. (Now that I think of it, this is also published on a public holiday, just like the previous one. I sure hope it wouldn’t take me til the next public holiday to finish the series!)

I do understand that the mister and I, as newly-weds, would be the stars of the wedding. After all, we would have paid a bomb a reasonable amount of money to make our customised outfits and to have someone make me up, so it’s also reasonable that we want our own photographs taken. After all, that day would mark a special beginning in our lives and that day would be the day we look extra handsome and pretty.

However, a wedding is much more than just being about the bride and groom. A wedding is a joyous occasion shared and celebrated with others. While it’s nice to see photographs of yourself as a gorgeous couple, after seeing X versions of yourself, it gets old. What I look forward to seeing in my wedding album would be photographs of my beautiful BIG family, both nuclear and extended: the usual ‘squeeze everyone into one frame’ shot, adorable kids just being kids, my pretty girl cousins, the ‘rilek one corner’ male cousins, the kecoh makcik pakcik who can be quite a riot in their sakat menyakat ways. And I would like to see them not just in formal pose-with-the-newly-weds shots, but also see them in action mingling, teasing, socialising, laughing, enjoying the food and basically enjoying themselves.

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Hint, Hint, HINT!

Haha ok this is totally a just for fun post, to give you guys a break from my super-long-no-picture post. I know lah, zaman sekarang semua step visual learners person.


I gotta give credit to farnamals for giving me the perfect opportunity to drop a huge ass hint to the mister to give me a proper proposal to be told to the grandkids just to fulfil my sentimentel desires.
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Memories money can – or can’t – buy

TGIF! And this is reaaalllllyyyy THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY because it’s gonna be a loooongggg weekend due to Chinese New Year! Frankly I think there should be a long weekend every month, or at least every 2 months. It’s only a few days past January and I’m feeling the beginnings of burnout from work. Just imagine, my long weekend could have started like 2 hours ago but I spent half an hour settling a adolescent terror work issue, half an hour eating a lunch of leftover packed briyani from breakfast (I eat half portions nowadays), and the next hour sorting and packing work stuff to bring home – I know, defeats the purpose of celebrating the start of the long weekend, right, if I were to spend it doing work. But that’s precisely why I am looking forward to it; there’s time to catch up on work, be it professional or personal (see previous post), not to mention familial – my mom has been hoping I help her vacuum the carpets in the living room and roll and  plastic-wrap them up for storage until the next festive season comes along. Yes, ‘sad’ life mine is.

Ok what a (typically) long preamble! I meant to talk about one of the (few) things I have booked and confirmed for my wedding, which, as the title of this post suggests, has something to do with memories. What else is important in a wedding other than the solemnisation, loved ones being there to witness and share in your joyous moment, good superb food that everyone enjoys and sings praises about? It is none other than what comes after the last grain of briyani has been gulped down packed for the family, the last table has been stripped of its fancy tablecloth, and the last inch of makeup has been scrubbed away. Yes, it is the much anticipated, unforgettable, berdua-duaan dan beromen wedding night, kan kan kan? Eh, bukan lah! I’m talking about memories, unforgettable memories of the beautiful day.

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