I don’t like the word ‘izin’

Note: I am on medical leave today because I’m sick and tired and I had a long week without much rest over the weekend because I had a 2-day marriage-related course to attend. Seriously, the government should cover all bases if they really want people to get married and start families. Since it’s compulsory for couples to go for marriage preparatory course before they get married, the government should grant them pre-marriage leave to go for it, instead of them having to sacrifice their weekend / off day to attend. This would also prove that the government genuinely wants to help increase citizen population.

That being said, here’s the post I started writing yesterday and finished today while I waited for the medication to take effect and bring me to lala land.

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The Rebellious Bride Part 2!

Well well well, look what I found while giving myself a headache looking through wedding videos!

Ustazah Nazeerah’s wedding video

I know Ustazah Nazeerah as my beloved Ustazah Maimunah’s friend (or it could be her junior, or both) whom the latter had trained and appointed to carry out one or two runs (or more, I’m not sure) of her Project Spirituality Quranabic Core Course. Ustazah Nazeerah also happens to be one of my cousin’s good girlfriends and she was there to witness my cousin’s nikah and attend her wedding last year.

Anyway, it sure looks like it had all the trappings of a big fat Greek Indian Muslim wedding, doesn’t it? Down to the bridal henna. She’s even wearing that hooked at the nose and dangled across the face accessory!

Now! This is something I could show to the old folks! Starting with my mom of course (she’d convey it to my dad). See! See! See! This ustazah, who’s a graduate of Al-Azhar University, doesn’t see anything wrong with wearing bridal henna.

And come to think of it, my future mother-in-law, being an Angullia and all (Mauritian Indian, at least on her grandfather’s side), may insist on me getting proper bridal henna. Ahah! Time to get the mister to ask his mom’s opinion about it. This means I could also play the in-laws card!

Now let me start scheming on how I’m going to set up this counter attack. 😀

*As it so happens, the fact that she’s wearing bridal henna isn’t the only thing that makes me so happy to see the video; it looks like we’re gonna have one more thing in common! Shhhhh! It’s a *secret*!

The Rebellious Bride

Oh my god I am so pissed at the moment I feel like shouting using my perempuan gila naik baran voice which I have used before in my line of work.

My mom was telling me to hurry and make the booking with the caterer whose food we had just tasted on Sunday (more of that in another post).

My dad was there too when we talked. Just after I explained the items that I vaguely remember the caterer would provide at the price that is within my budget, he said something which is precisely what set me off.

The point of contention:
Bridal henna

What he said:
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Hint, Hint, HINT!

Haha ok this is totally a just for fun post, to give you guys a break from my super-long-no-picture post. I know lah, zaman sekarang semua step visual learners person.


I gotta give credit to farnamals for giving me the perfect opportunity to drop a huge ass hint to the mister to give me a proper proposal to be told to the grandkids just to fulfil my sentimentel desires.
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Memories money can – or can’t – buy

TGIF! And this is reaaalllllyyyy THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY because it’s gonna be a loooongggg weekend due to Chinese New Year! Frankly I think there should be a long weekend every month, or at least every 2 months. It’s only a few days past January and I’m feeling the beginnings of burnout from work. Just imagine, my long weekend could have started like 2 hours ago but I spent half an hour settling a adolescent terror work issue, half an hour eating a lunch of leftover packed briyani from breakfast (I eat half portions nowadays), and the next hour sorting and packing work stuff to bring home – I know, defeats the purpose of celebrating the start of the long weekend, right, if I were to spend it doing work. But that’s precisely why I am looking forward to it; there’s time to catch up on work, be it professional or personal (see previous post), not to mention familial – my mom has been hoping I help her vacuum the carpets in the living room and roll and  plastic-wrap them up for storage until the next festive season comes along. Yes, ‘sad’ life mine is.

Ok what a (typically) long preamble! I meant to talk about one of the (few) things I have booked and confirmed for my wedding, which, as the title of this post suggests, has something to do with memories. What else is important in a wedding other than the solemnisation, loved ones being there to witness and share in your joyous moment, good superb food that everyone enjoys and sings praises about? It is none other than what comes after the last grain of briyani has been gulped down packed for the family, the last table has been stripped of its fancy tablecloth, and the last inch of makeup has been scrubbed away. Yes, it is the much anticipated, unforgettable, berdua-duaan dan beromen wedding night, kan kan kan? Eh, bukan lah! I’m talking about memories, unforgettable memories of the beautiful day.

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