My bachelorette partayyy! – Part 2

I’m itching to gush over my wedding but I realise I have yet to finish the story about my a-mayyy-zing bachelorette party, so I thought it’s best to continue before the story basi I move on to talk about my wedding…

So after having gotten random strangers to buy me a free drink, take a photo with me and ‘kiss’ me on the cheek, here’s the next challenge I had to do:
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My bachelorette partayyy! – Part 1

Ok I’m now at the hairdresser’s, getting my hair a soft rebond job. Well, some may consider it a ‘waste’, especially since come my wedding day (which is 4 days away!), it’s not like I get to show off my hair anyway.. it would all be wrapped up in my hijab.. but so was the situation 2 years back when I went for my very first soft rebonding.

Despite the fact that I also had to have my hair under wraps back then, I still loved the outcome and texture, and how it made my hair oh so manageable rather than the usual thick, frizzy mop that left me cursing it every other day and wishing I could just shave it all off. Granted, it would probably be better if I had gone and get the deed done a few weeks back, but oh wells, I got busy and now that the house and my room is about 70% ready, I feel better about going off to indulge and pamper myself.

Eh, what’s with the long grandmother story about the whens and whys of my getting my hair done? What’s the relevance to the title of this post? Well, now that the salon girl has put the astronaut’s headgear thingy steamer above my head and is now tending to the other customer, I now have lots of time and some privacy to do what I love, which is blogging! I’ve been holding that itch to talk about my a-mayyy-zing bachelorette party because I had so many things to settle, and now I can unleash that backscratcher tip tap typing fingers!


Okay so my bachelorette party took place more than a week ago.. two weeks to the wedding, to be exact. I was so excited I could hardly sleep….okay to be honest I was having a bout of BTB insomnia and was up doing something; exactly what, I can’t remember.

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The past week

There was supposed to be a post that I had written exactly a week back (but somehow did not get it published) about how I couldn’t go back to sleep after waking up 2 to 3 hours earlier than usual, despite getting only 2 hours of sleep before that… and then I added to that post and tried to publish but then – poof! – it disappeared…

So yeah that was just something I wrote in my post-sleep bride-to-be insomnia. I was anxious about getting started on so many things, seeing how my last official day at work was just the day before and my 3 weeks break before my wedding had started. Fast forward to today, and here’s what I managed to get done between then and now:

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Ramadan Reflections #1 – Past and Present

I was doing the dishes after buka (breaking of fast meal; I can’t bring myself to use the word iftar because it just seems pretentious to me) several nights ago and it crossed my mind that if I ever have children, two is a good number, because right at that moment, I was cleaning up for a 4-member family consisting of 2 parents and 2 children. And I was quite happy to do it, as opposed to when I had to clean up after a 7-member family.

And then, my thoughts went to a comparison between how it was then, and how it is now. Yes, if you think that that’s quite a number of thoughts to have while doing the dishes, let me admit here that dishwashing time is the time when I daydream. Or duskdream, to be more time-appropriate.

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Memories money can – or can’t – buy (the brief encounter)

So I’ve decided to just continue yesterday’s post in a new post. Here it goes:

Note: This post is a continuation from this one. (Now that I think of it, this is also published on a public holiday, just like the previous one. I sure hope it wouldn’t take me til the next public holiday to finish the series!)

I do understand that the mister and I, as newly-weds, would be the stars of the wedding. After all, we would have paid a bomb a reasonable amount of money to make our customised outfits and to have someone make me up, so it’s also reasonable that we want our own photographs taken. After all, that day would mark a special beginning in our lives and that day would be the day we look extra handsome and pretty.

However, a wedding is much more than just being about the bride and groom. A wedding is a joyous occasion shared and celebrated with others. While it’s nice to see photographs of yourself as a gorgeous couple, after seeing X versions of yourself, it gets old. What I look forward to seeing in my wedding album would be photographs of my beautiful BIG family, both nuclear and extended: the usual ‘squeeze everyone into one frame’ shot, adorable kids just being kids, my pretty girl cousins, the ‘rilek one corner’ male cousins, the kecoh makcik pakcik who can be quite a riot in their sakat menyakat ways. And I would like to see them not just in formal pose-with-the-newly-weds shots, but also see them in action mingling, teasing, socialising, laughing, enjoying the food and basically enjoying themselves.

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