The Perfect Venue: The Reveal

I’m squeezing in some blogging time while my mister, ahem, husband, does his usual morning routine in the toilet.

It has been a busy busy busy period post-wedding. 14 December solemnisation and my family’s reception, 15 December the husband’s family’s reception, 16 December fly off for our honeymoon, 20 December return, 21 December do the sembah-sembah aka the tradition of newly weds visiting the elders, aunts and uncles with my parents; we covered 5 houses in the east and northeast for my family and then ended the evening with a barbecue cum karaoke gathering with the husband’s closest cousins (aka ‘the boyzzz’), respective wives, his mom and some aunts.

Yesterday, 22 December we continued the sembah-sembah beginning at 1pm and ending at 10.30pm or so, covering 7 houses. (And we still have several houses left to cover!) To say we’re exhausted would be an understatement (although the mister could still stay up to watch soccer with some of the boyzzz… bola punya pasal, penat tolak tepi! While I just washed up and prayed Isyak and went straight to bed.)

So my deepest apologies to those who have been asking about my wedding venue throughout the week. Now that the wedding is over (and the possibility of gatecrashers – no matter how far-fetched or minute the possibility – is no longer there), I’m ready for the big reveal!

Which basically means I’m going to copy and paste the email I have been sending to previous commenters, with some additional information! (The husband is back from the toilet and is already asking me what I’m doing… I tell him I’m blogging and he asks whyyyyy… looks like short quick posts would be more the norm rather than the exception soon.)

Okay okay so here’s the big reveal (yeah right)!


Firstly, thank you for dropping by my blog! 🙂

The venue that I wrote about is Masjid Al-Mawaddah in Sengkang (151 Compassvale Bow, nearest MRT Station is Buangkok).

The rate quoted to me is $800 for 4-hour rental. Additional charge applies per hour. There is no charge for set-up and tear-down time.

The rental includes the airconditioned section for solemnisation, the reception area, standard pelamin (dias), 15 round tables with tablecloths, 120 chairs (without chair covers) and some tables for the buffet line, berkat (wedding favours) table, pengantin (bride and groom) table and 2-hour usage of the guest room for changing. You can rent more tables and chairs at extra charge.

AV system is provided for the airconditioned section. By right, you are not permitted to bring in a DJ, but in my case, the officer-in-charge approved of my DJ after meeting him and his wife.

Cooking is not permitted on-site so your caterer needs to be able to cook elsewhere and bring the food in.

If you don’t take the decor package, the pelamin is the standard one, which is changed every few months. If you want a choice of colours for the pelamin and chair covers plus some decorative features, there is a basic decor package provided by the decorator collaborating with the mosque, at a flat rate of $1500. They also offer a pricier package if you want the bigger and more elaborate pelamin and decorative features. For each additional table or chair you rent from the mosque, there is a separate table skirting and chair cover fee to pay to the decorator. I don’t think you can bring your own decorator in.

The rates are for bookings made before Ramadan last year (2012). I heard that they were going to raise prices after Raya last year, so it’s best you call them to check again. You can look for Cik Shahidah by calling 64890224.

Hope the information is useful! 🙂

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