The Checklist


Date – Check!

Venue – Check!

Marriage Preparatory Course – Check!

Guest List – Mom’s: 98% done; mine: 50%.

Seating Arrangement – Concept decided, layout next.

Caterer – Check!

Decorator – Contacted, colour scheme to be emailed, appointment to be scheduled.

Wedding favours – Some surveying done.

Outfits & makeup – Deposit made for bridal makeup & assistance to change outfit service, white wedding dress purchased (but in the end will not be used for the wedding), material sourcing for nikah and sanding outfits done, materials sent for tailoring.

Dowry gifts – Some items bought.

Photographer – Check!

Videographer – Check!


4 thoughts on “The Checklist

  1. Hi!

    Hope this message finds you well.

    I sincerely enjoy reading your blog posts on wedding preparations and was lucky to have stumbled upon your site through Kahwin Khronicles blogroll.

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