Review: Decorator – JG 1STOP Services (The Good)

In the kahwin-kahwin (wedding) blogosphere, this review can be considered wayyyyy overdue and definitely stale because my wedding is almost a year ago! (We are 11 days away to celebrating our ONE year wedding anniversary, alhamdulillah.) But I’m still going to do one anyway, because I would like to preserve the memories (god knows I have such short memory span), and to be honest, I have still have not yet consolidated my wedding expenditure! It’s a case of “Oh, it’s over and done with, and even though I know I went (a bit) over budget, I still have lots left over I didn’t suck my bank account dry so I don’t really need to know the exact figure spent”. Yet now that I have had quite a few instances of people asking me how much I spent on my wedding (because they’d like to have an idea of how much they need to prepare for theirs), it’s gotten me curious to know how much I really did spend. And while I’m consolidating, I might as well do a review. So here goes!

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7 more days!

Well technically it’s 6 more days, but it’s close to 2am now and I haven’t slept since.. 8am or so this yesterday morning so I still consider it to be Saturday. And sure, my mister is telling me to go to sleep because he’s worried I’ll fall sick, but I just can’t help but celebrate this small achievement of mine which is..
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DIY, oh my!

Since I last posted about the DIY stuff I am trying to accomplish for my wedding, I am proud ashamed a little dismayed to say that I have not yet picked up where I left off!

But fret not! A recent development is pushing me out of my inertia; one of my two closest girlfriends, F, who asked me in our Whatsapp group chat if I need any help for my wedding, is now relatively free and has booked a date with me next week to come over to help with one of my DIYs!

And which DIY item would that be?

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DIY, I try

It seems to me that the closer it gets to my wedding date, the more things that I have done or have to do, and the more I’d like to update this blog, but updating takes time and right now I’m running out of it! But I’m still itching to share because it’s all getting oh so exciting!

So since my past few posts have been full of words, this time round it shall be full of photos! Of my DIY items, or rather, items that I’m trying to DIY for my wedding and hope that I can finish in time!

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Taking stock

I owe readers emails and I have a number of drafts waiting to be completed and published. And I have not been updating when there are quite a number of things to update, wedding-wise. I’m not sure why I ran out of blogging steam, and I am not even sure when my next post would be, but in the midst of trying to clean my room (yet again) I got to thinking about the many things I need to do and how much time I have left.

As of yesterday two days ago (14 September 2013), I have exactly 13 weeks left to my wedding.

That means I have 12 weekends to settle whatever it is that I need to settle for the wedding, and life after it. That equals to 24 full days, although I would have more full days towards the start of November, when my long break from work starts.

Ok breathe Zakiah, breathe.

That means a to-do list is in order, in no particular order:

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The Ultimate DIY Wedding Dress

A quick one before I take a (really late) shower.

I was clicking on a link shared by my friend Sya on FB (whom I have already mentioned on this blog to be kind of my news feed for everything humanity and eco related), and then I saw on the right, a link to a story about a lady who got married in a $36 wedding dress DIY-ed from bread tags!


Apparently she happened to have been collecting the bread tags since years ago and it became a running joke with her boyfriend that they’d get married once she has enough tags to make a dress! Ok I think that’s what the story is, from my quick read! Read the full story here.

Now this is like totally combining kakak myweddreams’ infographic on designing your own wedding dress and kakak pretty orkid cum DIY Queen’s tendencies (tapi dengar-dengar dah turun takhta kasi mahkota pada kakak eleventh october eh – btw, tahniah awak, tak sabar nak tengok muka awak terpampang kat website banner LOL)!

This lady even blogged about her journey in putting together Nadine (oh yes, she gave the dress a name!) So if any of you out there want to grab that Wedding DIY Queen title from the two kakaks up there, start collecting something from now and learn the ropes here to construct your own Melur / Melati / Cempaka! Or how about naming your dress after me, since I gave you the idea? Hahahah *shameless*! But my name has a good meaning hokay!

Now, let me see, what do I have around the house that have been collecting for years? Ada pun buku dengan suratkhabar berlambak-lambak ah! Bapak aku punya khazanah! Macam ni jadi lebai pengantin malang, baik lupakan sudah!