Review: Decorator – JG 1STOP Services (The Good)

In the kahwin-kahwin (wedding) blogosphere, this review can be considered wayyyyy overdue and definitely stale because my wedding is almost a year ago! (We are 11 days away to celebrating our ONE year wedding anniversary, alhamdulillah.) But I’m still going to do one anyway, because I would like to preserve the memories (god knows I have such short memory span), and to be honest, I have still have not yet consolidated my wedding expenditure! It’s a case of “Oh, it’s over and done with, and even though I know I went (a bit) over budget, I still have lots left over I didn’t suck my bank account dry so I don’t really need to know the exact figure spent”. Yet now that I have had quite a few instances of people asking me how much I spent on my wedding (because they’d like to have an idea of how much they need to prepare for theirs), it’s gotten me curious to know how much I really did spend. And while I’m consolidating, I might as well do a review. So here goes!

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The Virgin Brazilian – Be Brazen

So my body responded to my mental / emotional stress and now I’m down with fever. And what better way to spend time while waiting for my turn to see the doctor, than to blog, right?

Let’s pick up from the little background – since I was heading to the Arab Street area and I was looking for a place to do my threading, I turned to Google and keyed in ‘threading bugis’. I was thinking of a shop in Bugis Junction or nearby as I would be taking the train there. On page 2 of the search results, this link caught my attention as it is described as “located in the heart of Arab St”:


How convenient, right?

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The Virgin Brazilian – A Little Background

Here it is! It’s the real deal, girls!

(By the way, congratulations for making it to this exclusive reader list! Haha… right.)

Now wouldn’t you all be so excited to read THE actual post? Well I started typing this out with the intention of making it THE post, but as usual, my long grandmother storytelling tendency took over, so this shall be a little (long) introduction to the whole historic moment.

So, as all of you know, I just went (just, as in at 1pm on Saturday, 13 April 2013) for my virgin brazilian waxing session. Now, I thought I would be totally hesitant and super shy and consider it a gazilion times before I pluck up the courage to go. Surprisingly, this was a totally spontaneous decision. Why is that?

Here’s a little background:

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