The Perfect Venue: The Reveal

I’m squeezing in some blogging time while my mister, ahem, husband, does his usual morning routine in the toilet.

It has been a busy busy busy period post-wedding. 14 December solemnisation and my family’s reception, 15 December the husband’s family’s reception, 16 December fly off for our honeymoon, 20 December return, 21 December do the sembah-sembah aka the tradition of newly weds visiting the elders, aunts and uncles with my parents; we covered 5 houses in the east and northeast for my family and then ended the evening with a barbecue cum karaoke gathering with the husband’s closest cousins (aka ‘the boyzzz’), respective wives, his mom and some aunts.

Yesterday, 22 December we continued the sembah-sembah beginning at 1pm and ending at 10.30pm or so, covering 7 houses. (And we still have several houses left to cover!) To say we’re exhausted would be an understatement (although the mister could still stay up to watch soccer with some of the boyzzz… bola punya pasal, penat tolak tepi! While I just washed up and prayed Isyak and went straight to bed.)

So my deepest apologies to those who have been asking about my wedding venue throughout the week. Now that the wedding is over (and the possibility of gatecrashers – no matter how far-fetched or minute the possibility – is no longer there), I’m ready for the big reveal!

Which basically means I’m going to copy and paste the email I have been sending to previous commenters, with some additional information! (The husband is back from the toilet and is already asking me what I’m doing… I tell him I’m blogging and he asks whyyyyy… looks like short quick posts would be more the norm rather than the exception soon.)

Okay okay so here’s the big reveal (yeah right)!

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Married! :)


“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

– Judy Garland (as very aptly quoted by my – unexpectedly jiwang – photographer haha)

Photography: Flashed Studio
Outfits: Our own
Bridal makeup, hijab styling and accessories: Faceworks by Juliana Naim

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The past week

There was supposed to be a post that I had written exactly a week back (but somehow did not get it published) about how I couldn’t go back to sleep after waking up 2 to 3 hours earlier than usual, despite getting only 2 hours of sleep before that… and then I added to that post and tried to publish but then – poof! – it disappeared…

So yeah that was just something I wrote in my post-sleep bride-to-be insomnia. I was anxious about getting started on so many things, seeing how my last official day at work was just the day before and my 3 weeks break before my wedding had started. Fast forward to today, and here’s what I managed to get done between then and now:

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30 days!

To my wedding, that is.

And looking at the time now (11.37 AM), it would be exactly 30 days! As in if time was to fast-forward 30 days, then at exactly this moment we would have been officially solemnised as husband and wife! My heart is already beating so fast, imagining this moment. I can’t wait for it, but at the same time, I want time to slow down because I’m not done with my DIYs yet! Hahaha talk about mixed emotions.

Anyway, to mark this 30-day countdown, I took the day off from work. Haha okay, I’m kidding.. about marking the 30-day countdown that is. I am actually entitled to at least 2 days off because I did extra duty in September, so I applied for one day today, which just happened to be exactly a month to my wedding!

I had a mental list of things I wanted to do today, among which are:

  1. Laundry
  2. Wash at least 7 scarves (the ones that I want to give away)
  3. Sort through the stuff I have been hoarding because I thought they could be useful for work, cut, store, throw recycle the rest
  4. Move stuff into the storage space that I have cleared because I did no. 3

And then my mom added task no. 5 – Continue working on the bunga rampai (she’s already finished 15 pieces!)

But then I woke up this morning and did something else..

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Moving-In Day!

Ok I have been guilty of moping around at home, literally shutting myself in from the haze (all windows closed, thank goodness for airconditioning – although my mom might shriek at next month’s electricity bill – oh wells, now’s the time to dip into the bit of extra cash that has been accumulating in the bank – I don’t give my parents $800 a month for nothing, you know, and there’s also the amount contributed by at least 3 other siblings). By right I should have had plenty of time to update, but for some reason inertia set in and I owe my fellow BTBs at least 3 emails (I still can’t find that brochure Sha…. sorry!) Which I will get to soon, promise!

Anyway, on to the title of this blog. It’s moving-in day! For my our bed at my place, that is.

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What Makes A ‘Good’ Wife – Objection #2

The following objection is with regards to domestic responsibilities, and by extension what constitutes a good home. Let’s ‘revise’ the marital advice given to Muslim wives by the speaker:

2. Rumah mesti dihias, jangan kotor macam rumah Yahudi

(Your house must be looked after and decorated, not left dirty like the house of this group of people which I shall not translate because demonising any group is just offensive)

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